Friday, October 12, 2012

Don't go to Work. Get Work at your place.

If I was a FoodWorld or Coffee day employee I would try to get my work location near my place. I would love if I do not have to take these highly chaotic and carbon abundant roads everyday to go to office. Unfortunately I am not. I am a software engineer and software companies like to lease offices in a business park. And many such offices in such business park lead to a high traffic density zone.

Long time back, somehwere around 2001-2003, Google had a similar problem(Not exactly same though). They were having these same density issues - although it was more about network traffic.

So Google engineers decided we should not call 'data' to come to 'computation'. Rather we will send 'computation' to where data resides. In a way, this was like workers were created where the work was sitting. This was a paradigm shift in how softwares were built.

I feel corporates should think about a paradigm shift in the way people work. It may not be work from home, it can certainly be the closest coffee day concept.

I have been working for long in the software industry. I see no reasons, beyond some human-made constraints (feel free to read it as manager-made), that this model can not be applied to many kind of jobs.

I strongly feel that where ever work can come to humans, work should move, not humans. In my industry, this distributed work place model can certainly be implemented with ease.



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